“Our business is about friendship, inspiration, and laughter”

As a child I always wanted to be the cool kid that could make other people laugh. I considered my dad to be a funny guy, as he could make other parents smile when they went to parties, and I tried to mimic his style of humor with my friends at school. It did not go well. His style of sarcastic humor was too advanced for my junior high friends, and I ended up being less popular than before I had tried to be funny.

There was this one day, when I was just about to enter high school, where all of that changed. We were up in the mountains at the winter “Klondike” campout, where we spent the day freezing in the snow trying to go sledding, build campfires, and things like that. At night we all filed into this log cabin to escape the elements, and setup our sleeping bags all piled up in the living room. That’s when this guy started telling jokes. He started talking about his trip to Disneyland, and how he and his buddy were too fat to do the loop ride. He talked about getting pulled over and blasting cops over the radio, We were dying, I mean this guy was absolutely hysterical!! His jokes were so funny that I literally memorized his whole routine and started telling these jokes to my friends in high school. They were a huge hit! Everybody loved them! I eventually ran into someone who recognized the jokes and showed me a comedian named Gabriel Iglesias on YouTube. Turns out, the guy at my “Klondike” campout, was just reciting the stand up routine from Gabriel Iglesias.

I started watching every Gabriel Iglesias special I could find. It was mesmerizing, to see how this guy could make an audience so happy just with the jokes about his life. I made a personal commitment to try and make at least one person laugh everyday until I die. I started doing that and learned that not only was I good at it, but I could use that to make people feel good about themselves.

Fast forward to 2018, where the high schooler is now a soldier fighting in Iraq. The anxiety of what I’m going to do when I get back to the United States starts to set it and I have no idea what I want to do with my life. There came a time, when I was rucking back to base, where I took a moment to close my eyes and visualize what I wanted to be doing right then in the moment; if I could do anything I wanted. With my eyes closed I could picture me in front of an audience just giving my whole heart and soul into a performance that is making them go wild. This is where Motivated Millennium was born.

What we do

Motivated Millennium is a motivational speaker/life coach company, going around to schools in an effort to change the lives of young people. Our main purpose is to inspire and counsel young people through their coming of age experience.

The main job that we are trying to accomplish is: create your best life. And this is a job that every young person is looking to fulfill. What we miss in fundamental principles that help guide us through our lives, we make up for with academic schooling and career training curriculum. That material is essential for surviving in this world, but Motivated Millennium will help them learn how to thrive-to really enjoy this life to the fullest. The thing that makes Motivated Millennium stand out from the rest of the options out there; is the price, quality, and age group specific material. It provides an immeasurable value at the price it comes for.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to make people feel good about themselves, we remind those around us that true happiness is found in love.

We have a standard of excellence

We cultivate and defend our integrity

We believe in an abundancy mindset and invite those around us to do the same.

Our mission is completed when the youth we work with can confidently say who they are and what they stand for.